Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stitch Fix Review | 2nd Edition

It's been awhile since I wrote my first Stitch Fix review so it's time for another one since I've been receiving my 'fixes' for several months now.  Truth is, I really look forward to them!  Each shipment or "fix" comes with 5 items, and I typically keep 3 (because my budget says so or the fit might be off).  

My latest Stitch Fix had three awesome pieces I love- a grey and white ruched dress, a leopard print pencil skirt, and a vegan leather quilted clutch!  Cannot wait to wear this outfit on a future date night!  The leopard skirt could be work appropriate with a camisole and jacket or more subdued with a cardigan.  I especially love colors like mustard yellow and teal with leopard print.  Makes me wish I kept one of the tops I returned!

The clutch fits an iPad too!

I like how Stitch Fix includes the style guide showing you two different ways to put together an outfit with each piece.

This striped dress is so comfy and perfect for the cooler months because it's a thicker material. You get the helpful allusion of a smaller midsection with the dark sides.  Would be great with tights and booties too. 

Another fix I received contained the items below.  The glittery tank was super cute, but scratchy, so it was a "no".  I liked the white skinny jeans, but they were distressed and on me, (because I'm so short), the holes hit in weird places on my legs.  The plum tank I've already worn a bunch (it has a unique mesh detail strip on the back and the geometric wrap dress is like nothing I have (pattern/color wise) and I'm a big fan of a wrap dress.  So easy to wear and pretty-much universally flattering. 

Love this mail day!

This dress is hits mid-calf on me, but I actually like the length. 

I'll be buying more plum colors after receiving this top!  I'm wearing it with my Stella & Dot Avalon necklace and favorite bootcut jeans

That yellow embroidered and stripe tank you see hanging in the background is one of my faves from Stitch Fix too.  Again with my favorite jeans, but this time the rebel pendant necklace

And also these cool linen patterned shorts.  

shoes | top | necklace (reversible) 

It's cool how you can wear the Stitch Fix items with pieces you already own. 

You can read my first Stitch Fix Review to hear more details about how Stitch Fix works.  Have y'all tried it?  What do you think?  If you haven't tried it and want to, you can use my referral link to sign up and I'll earn a credit (you earn credit when you refer friends too). 

P.S.  It's earn TRIPLE POINTS at Nordstrom today - Sept 21 if you're interested. 

On Honey We're Healthy: Roasted Veggies with Garlic & Bacon

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Camouflaging the Sofa Back with a Console Table

Like a lot of people, the back of our sofa leaves much to be desired.  Unhidden, it's a large solid block  of beige 'everyday suede'.   I typically drape a blanket over the back- right now it's a grey and white chevron blanket from Target.  I've had our breakfast table benches backed up to the sofa and layered them with books or mags I want to read, but was curious how a sofa table would look there.  To get a feel, I brought in the Everett Foyer Table that I usually keep in the dining room.  I'm sure it will return there, but I discovered that a sofa table does fit this space and I like the look. 

Not only does the table camouflage the back of the sofa, the top shelf provides a spot for the books I'm always reaching for.  It also gives my adorable Homegoods elephant bookends a place of pride.  

The console table is a great place for a bowl (from my friend Melissa) filled with photos I've yet to organize into books or boxes.  We went through photos when my son was 'star of the week' at school, and we enjoyed looking back at those memories, so having a bowl of pics is a good solution to keeping the pictures around.

The bottom shelf keeps the latest magazines I want to read.  Since I usually read while I eat breakfast and lunch, this is a convenient spot for them.   

I picked up these pierced pattern candle holders at Target recently and they look so cool lit.

How about this view from the back?! 

This table will return to the dining room at some point, but now I know I could use one here in the future. 

You can see other ways I've styled our Everett Foyer Table here, herehere, here, and here

Is the back of your sofa exposed or hidden?  Do you have a console table camouflaging it? 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Painted Pantry Doors (and Joss & Main Rug)

Happy Monday friends!  Moving slow here (and that's typical of Mondays in this house).  Got some good morning snuggles in with my son before getting him to school in the nick of time - he's usually up before me, but today my little sleepyhead slept in.  We got our first "cool front" on Saturday and there's nothing Houstonian's enjoy more than the first day when temps dip into the 70s after a long hot, humid summer.  It was perfect because we had a Saturday early morning PK4 playdate in the park, and everyone had a great time talking while enjoying their coffee and donuts/kolaches while the kids played on the playground.  Good times! 

Back at home, I finished painting the mudroom doors, and specifically, the double doors that lead to the pantry.  (The large door goes to my single car garage). I wanted to use the paint samples I had left over from when I was choosing our dining room color, so I've got three different colors, in similar shades, on our mudroom doors.  

Here's how our mudroom looked with just the garage door painted Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey. And you can probably see that the actual color looks more blue than on the swatch.  

I painted the pantry doors on the hinges like I did with the garage door, starting with the outer doors.  Go here for the tutorial.  The only difference is that I rolled the foam roller on the inner edge of the doors in the outer color.

I had to mark on the lid which paint went where so I'd remember when refilling the paint pan. 

Between coats, I wrapped my paintbrush in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to keep the paint from drying on the brush.  Have y'all heard of this tip?  Works great! 

The Slow Green looks the most green of the three paint colors. 

But I really like the pale shade of Fleeting Green on the inner door. 

Large door- Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey (3 coats)
Inside Pantry Door- Sherwin Williams Fleeting Green (2 coats)
Outside Pantry Door- Sherwin Williams Slow Green (2 coats)

Our current rug is in indoor/outdoor rug from Target, but I want something with more color.  A rug I was considering from Joss & Main arrived, but it's not exactly what I wanted, and it's too big, so I'm returning it.  

I used to be wary of returning a rug because it seemed like a pain to have to wrap it back up, but now, I just remember to cut the original wrap in one long slice (careful not to cut the rug!), so I can use that same wrapping if I need to return it.  That Duct Tape roll is great for helping keep the re-rolled rug tight, and then closing back up the package. 

Be careful to read the return policy on an item at Joss & Main, some things you can get a full refund on, others items you can only get a merchandise credit.  Go to "My Orders" and click "Click here to return items from this order" to start your return.  Then, just follow the prompts.  In this case for my rug, I could return it for merchandise credit with a free return shipping label, or pay $22 for shipping and get a full refund.  I chose the credit to save the $22.  

Have a great day!

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